GRI (only GRI reporting including evidence and audit-report)

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is an international organization that draws up guidelines for sustainability reporting. In a sustainability report, an organization communicates publicly about its economic, environmental and social performance. GRI’s mission is to make sustainability reporting for all organizations – regardless of size, sector or location – as routine and comparable as financial reporting.

Transparency with regard to the sustainable development of the activities of organizations is im-portant for a variety of parties, including business, employee organizations, civil society organiza-tions, investors and the accountancy sector. The GRI focuses on cooperation within an extensive network of experts from all these stakeholder groups in the context of consensus-based consulta-tions. The multi-stakeholder learning-oriented approach has led to widespread acceptance among various stakeholder groups.

As an organisation you can upload your GRI sustainability report including evidence to get your exemptions.